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MARBELLA - Spanish Boutique Hotel

Experience Artistic Splendor In The Lap Of The Himalayas

Marbella, pronounced as mar-BAY-a, boasts of being the first-of-its-kind Spanish boutique hotel in the northern part of the country. Located in the quaint city of Dehradun, this piece of luxury and architecture offers aesthetically designed rooms and suites. It is a treat to watch the range of artwork in oil that embraces its walls.

Not just that, there are several antique metal statues, a few sourced from Spain itself, housed on each floor within the premises. The hotel facade dons a stucco exterior, and all the rooms and suites give an ultra-luxe touch that is one of its kind in the city, oozing out Spanish essence.

Marbella is conveniently located on Rajpur Road, a spot well known for being a destination for the élite and very urbane personalities, and rightly identified as one of the hotspot places for those looking for the best hotels in Dehradun.


Why choose Marbella? Well, we will give you five good reasons to do it! We reviewed our guests’ feedback to discover what they cherished the most during their trip, and here we are with five good reasons to visit us at Marbella.

The Theme

Marbella is a one-of-its-kind Spanish-themed boutique hotel in the heart of the city. Tastefully done arches & window panes, vivid color patterns, Spanish-styled fountains & artifacts, each nook and corner of the hotel oozes out Spain!

The Property

Our guests often remark about Marbella: seems like paradise – a sanctuary of harmony –elegant, as if the property has a real soul. We are genuinely delighted about these remarks as we put our heart, mind, and soul into our profession, paying heed to each detail and ensuring our rooms the best cleaning every day.

The Team

Our principal intent is to make our guests experience a delightful and memorable vacation by designing customized itineraries according to their liking. We feel euphoric to build a friendly bond and share smiles and small conversations with our clients. We strive to serve your requests and even contemplate your wishes wholeheartedly.

The Cuisine

Looking at the buffet, our guests often assert – what a spread! Our talented chefs on board amaze us for being extremely humble and kind, as they never decline our guests’ requests. Each morning, at the dayspring, we go to the market just to be assured to buy the freshest fruits, veggies, dairy, poultry, etc. Our courteous waiters make your meals even more delightful!

The Location

The location of Marbella can be well defined as amidst the city, yet far away from the chaos. Our guests enjoy peace and tranquillity during their stay with us. The hotel is conveniently located 2.5 kilometers from the Clock Tower.
Having ample parking space and round-the-clock security, Marbella is the embodiment of convenience when it comes to location!

``Bienvenida a Marbella``